Obituary for Lark


Hi Friends,


I just wrote up this obituary for my Lark.  

Thank you for your kind words, pictures, and memories. I will be sharing sweet videos and photos more in future posts. I’m so grateful to have had Lark all these years. I have never been loved better.








Obituary for Lark Emery 


Lark the Dog was about 16 years old when she died on Sunday, August 23, 2021 after a sweet farewell with her family and dear friends who came to visit for several days preceding her death. Although her end days were rough and her health was declining, Lark was granted a magical and peaceful afternoon of rest and love, before being lovingly assisted in her departure. 


Lark’s early life started in Mississippi. Although nothing is known about her first year, she was believed to be about 1.5 years when she was found running down the side of the road, injured and sick.  One of the most apparent and severe injuries was a severed back leg, believed to be the result of Lark rescuing herself from an animal trap. After rehabilitation, Lark spent time in fosters in both Mississippi and Florida, before coming to Vermont. Although Lark met her future companion, Vini, in 2007, it would be early 2009 when they would become official- after a series of dates, Lark moved in with Vini and Stella in March 2009. 


From day one, Vini and Lark were heartmates- a deep and immediate bound. And although Lark had many great friends and sitters throughout the year, she also had a bit of anxiety, and preferred to be at Vini’s side (and vice versa).  


Despite her missing limb, Lark was quite athletic and nimble until her senior years.  She would surprise strangers by her ability to run up mountains and bound across fields. They would often muse at how well she got along for having “only three legs” to which Vini would typically reply, “That’s one more than me or you”. 


And although Lark had great moves, her favorite activity of all was cuddling, particularly in nooks and under blankets. Lark was an expert pillow stacker and tent maker. She believed strongly in the power of co-regulation, and was happy to hold space, love, witness, and lick your nose in reassurance. Lark spent most every bedtime starting intently into Vini’s eyes, attempting to penetrate memories of their past lives together to which Vini would reply, “What are you even trying to tell me, Bebe?” and also, “Who’s my best love?” and “Thank you, sweet love. You are my best partner”.  

Lark was predeceased by co-pets Suki the Snake, and BeBe Moose “Pool Boy/Hot Sauce” Emery-Best as well as dog friends including Mango, Mesa, Hound, Pippin, Sienna, Palo, Starlight, and Butter.


The grief is real and deep, but so is the relief for the release from pain.


We are so grateful to have loved you. As our dear friend, Freya simply put it, “Thank you for being our friend, Lark”.


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