Top 10 Ways to get a Body that You Love

1. Just Say No to media re: fashion and beauty.

2. Take a lot of selfies -  do whatever the hell you want with them.

3.  Take a lot of nude selfies.   Look at them and say, "damn, I'm hot" / don't look for "wrongs"-  it's ALL right.

4.  Use sudsy soap and your bare hands to wash yourself in the shower.

5. Wear whatever you want, unapologetically.

6.  Eat what makes you feel good. Especially if it's messy.  Eat lots of messy food... Play with your food!  Love it up!  Tonight my friend told me, "you have whipped cream on your lip, but I kinda don't want to tell you because it's so cute."  I felt like a Goddess.  (Bc, duh #iam)

7.  If you have jiggly bits-  play with them.  Bodies are fun, yo!

8.  Say things like, " I smell really good" and other affirmations that are totally true.

9.  If you have a beautiful thought about your body- keep having that thought and don't start thinking about how you would "like your body more if...."

10. This is your body.  It fits you perfectly.  You have always had the perfect body, and will always have the perfect body.  The only thing that can take that away from you is doubt which is fed to you through lies via photoshop and diet fads.  Once you believe this, you will realize that you already have the body that you love; there is nothing to get because it already is-  and you look great in it.  Check yourself out.

"I have the perfect body, tho sometimes I forget; I have the perfect body because my eyelashes catch my sweat." -  Regina Spector


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