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Obituary for Lark

    Hi Friends,   I just wrote up this obituary for my Lark.   Thank you for your kind words, pictures, and memories. I will be sharing sweet videos and photos more in future posts. I’m so grateful to have had Lark all these years. I have never been loved better.   XO,   Vini       Obituary for Lark Emery    Lark the Dog was about 16 years old when she died on Sunday, August 23, 2021 after a sweet farewell with her family and dear friends who came to visit for several days preceding her death. Although her end days were rough and her health was declining, Lark was granted a magical and peaceful afternoon of rest and love, before being lovingly assisted in her departure.    Lark’s early life started in Mississippi. Although nothing is known about her first year, she was believed to be about 1.5 years when she was found running down the side of the road, injured and sick.  One of the most apparent and severe injuries was a severed back leg, believed to be the result of Lark rescuing hers

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