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Mild Winter / The Hard Question (Golden Shovel)

Recently easing my way out of a writer's block, I have begun a morning writing ritual.  I tend to do better with some constrictions, and particularly love experimenting with forms-  especially "newer" styles.  Yesterday, I remembered one I tried this past summer, called a Golden Shovel, a form created by Terrance Hayes, using Gwendolyn Brooks' poem, We Real Cool 
You can read about the form here. 
Below are two of my takes on it.  The first one is one I wrote yesterday morning- the second is form late summer 2019.  Mild Winter is taken from a line in Wisława Szymborska 's “A Large Number” and The Hard Question uses a quote from Rep. Elijah Cummings.

Mild Winter
A little poem, a sigh, at the cost of indescribable losses -Wisława Szymborska “A Large Number”
People keep saying, Yes, but it’s been a mild winter and I think of my nerves, frayed a little my dreams a 5 ¢ movie on repeat, poems  of them in my breakfast bowl, left in a sink half-finished, unwashed, and sighing at m…

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